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Juno award
and Socan Songwriter of the Year award
winner Errol Starr Francis
whose 1987 album "Temple of Love" had THREE singles that charted in Canada's Top 25)
is back on the scene with a musical offering that couldn't be more timely.   At a time when suspicion and division have arisen in the news, Errol says : "The ideas that the song puts forward to us that what if God is one of us is thought provoking and should be explored because to me God is all of us... embodied in you  - embodied in me."
"One of Us" is an affecting acoustic reggae cover version of Joan Osbourne's 1995  Grammy award winning hit, written by The Hooters' Eric Bazilian and later also covered by Prince.  When asked what makes this song special to him, Errol replied : "this song has a special place  in my heart. From the very first time I sang it I wanted to record it. For me the song echoes a lot of profound sentiments.. Like if God had a face, what
ErrolStarrFrancis OnePromoVidCover
would it look like?…Well in my over-standing it seems that each of us is wearing the face of GOD it brings it back to us to see the good or God in All faces and in all Names and in all things….So with the help of some very talented musicians, drummers and singers, it all came together."
The video was recorded in the vibrant Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario.  Hamilton is a microcosm of North America not far from where Errol makes his home.  "The idea was to show regular peoples'  faces as they were the face of God especially in our Hamilton Community.  We chose places like the bus stop where you saw a regular people; down by the docks - where they were just regular people ...and you can find God or good in all those places." Errol finishes by saying, "It is with gratitude that I get to share this inspired work with the world. "
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One of Errol's 1987 chart toppers and JUNO AWARD winning Hit Single "Angel"
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Single Credits

Lead Vocal and Guitar: Errol Starr Francis
Bass: Richard Daley
Hand Drums and Percussion:
Mike Ray
Michael St George
Back Vocals:
Amina Alfred
Abena Malika
Mike Ray
Richard Daley
Saxophone: iSax

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fullstride sounds studios Hamilton



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