New Live Show - T R I B Z

T R I B Z is an adult contemporary band that is rooted in R&B/blues, reggae, pop, and rock Fusion. We quickly realized how eclectic and different our music is because of our individual diverse backgrounds. It also reflects our common values as in we are all from different T R I B Z  but able to come together as One unit to bring the message of Love, Hope, and Empowerment to the Men and Women around the World…. I hope you can join us in this celebrated dance of freedom.

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Juno Award winner Singer/Performer: 

Errol Starr Francis
Legendary Guitar Maestro:

Earl Johnson from MOXY


Errol Starr Francis Musical Arts Program at the QEPCCC

Discover the ability to think creatively and critically through music and song. With a music educator, develop musical literacy through composing, listening, singing, playing performing, and recording. This fun experience will challenge students to move from the concrete to the abstract while developing ideas and working through the stages of the creative process. This is a two-day program: work with a music education specialist (Errol Starr Francis) at your school to write a song, and then visit QEPCCC‘s recording studio for a professional recording session to record your tracks and sing your newly created lyrics.

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