You Are the One (You Have Been Waiting For) Is one of those universal phrases that for me is a call to action. A call to remind us that where we stand is hallowed ground. That we are not without personal power and we are not alone. It is a call to your spirit to embrace itself and engage in the alchemical process of refining that base self into the most magnificent radiant being so we may light up the world.

When I first penned this song, I felt I was speaking more from a rebellious point of view. Feeling the time is now for us to stand in our power, come together and reclaim our dignity, sovereignty and humanity. But I also recognized the need to temper this with a gentler perspective by invoking the Divine Feminine and bring it more into balance and harmony. Here I asked Candy Gigi Barrotti to join me in reconstructing and rephrasing this point of view and also to add her incredible vocal energy to the mix. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Candy Barrotti for many years. She is an amazing Reiki Energy Healer and Singer. We both share the same passions for raising vibrational energy through music.

So it is with this intention we share this music vibration, to inspire each and every one of us to stand up for your destiny through loving inspired action to live out your dreams. To choose how we want to contribute and no longer giving our power away playing small, but rather when life knocks us down were now gonna get right back up, get grounded and stand in our light proceeding on! To bring love and kindness to all humanity through the realization of self, your bright light, your true power, from your Soul, your Divinity. Stand Up, the waiting is over!!